Are You Well Stocked for Massive Muscle Gain?

Every muscle building goal requires dedicated clean eating. And clean eating starts from the innocent-looking refrigerator. Makeover your freezer and start gaining pounds of lean muscles today

This is the third year in a row you have been trying to gain lean mass and reduce body fat so that those hard earned muscles can rear their head above the layers of fat piled on top of them.

But it's still not working.

Before you throw up your hands in exasperation, stop and do this one simple exercise. Go look into your fridge and take stock of what's inside.

Do you find shelves choked full of of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and lean cuts of chicken and red meat? Or do you find bags of potato chips, cakes, candies, chocolates and other junk food?

Get where this is going? If you are not stocking your refrigerator with proper food, then you are most likely not going to put on the right kind of weight, if at all.

From now on, give your cold box a makeover. Throw out or give away those junk food and sweetened drinks that have been occupying the fruit drawer and freezer, and stockpile your cold box with the following foods:

  • Put bottles of plain water, preferably clean filtered water, on the top shelf so that you can grab one anytime.

  • Stash big bags of frozen berries in your fridge for quick smoothies and salads. Take your pick: strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, as long as they're not sugar-coated.

  • Get unsweetened, unsalted mixed nuts and seeds and keep them in airtight see-through containers to satisfy in-between meal cravings.

  • Fill the fruit drawer with real fruits.

  • Cut up raw or cooked vegetables and save them in ziplock bags for healthy snacks.

  • Buy one-week worth of chicken or turkey breast meats and marinated them for a quick, protein-rich home cooked meal.

  • Beat your sugar craving and boost your protein intake with unsweetened peanut butter and raw honey.

  • Get a dozen of low-cholesterol eggs and use three of them every alternate morning for a muscle-building and brain-enhancing breakfast.

  • Complete your breakfast with reserves of unsweetened and fat-free milk, yogurt and cottage cheese. Yogurt and cottage cheese topped with nuts, fruits or honey also make excellent late night snacks.

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